Everybody has a chance for happiness!

  • Everything started from a difficult break up with fiancée just before our wedding. This was such a hard period in my life and I didn’t believe in another relations and didn’t want any real dates with anybody. I focused on my career and had no other plans.
  • I thought it was a usual case after a break up, but when two years passed and I was not planning any relations, it became strange for most of my close friends and relatives. After my consultation with a psychologist, I decided to make a small step for an improvement in my mental state. I made up my mind to communicate with ladies online without meeting them. It was a great variant for me at that time.

Personally I chose a website where I could communicate with women whom I wouldn’t accidently meet somewhere. So, I signed up on an online dating websites with mostly Ukrainian and Russian women in the catalogue. At that time, I thought it was the safest way for me to start interacting with females and at the same time not so be close with them. A time difference and a huge distance soothed me in some way.

  • My journey of online acquaintances began, I chatted with several women at a time. They were so kind and attentive to all my words. In a month, I met few more users whom I liked a lot. So, I was rather active participant of all these online communications with Slavic women. I chatted with them like with friends, but at one point, I understood their real goals of registration on the website. Yes, of course, I read info that all the women on this resource are searching for long-term relations, though I didn’t accept it seriously. And they were searching for these meaningful real relations while I wasn’t. Some girls kept asking me about my personal motivation which related to the signing up, and I was frank with them. I just planned to solve some personal troubles there.

After almost a year of constant chats, I understood that it was enough for me. I was ready for real dates and I almost deleted my account from find-bride-scam. I deleted most of info from my profile and all my photos. Then I received a letter from Marina, she kept asking me about my future plans and all the other things and that she would miss me so much. Prior this I didn’t really think that a woman could feel something to a virtual friend. That’s why, I made up my mind to fly to Ukraine and meet her in reality. Why not? I didn’t promise her anything and I didn’t expect anything in return. I just wanted a new experience, I wanted to visit a new country and meet a lady whom I chatted with.

When we met in Kyiv, I was charmed with her beauty. I didn’t expected such a pretty woman with real emotions toward me. Her cool elegant outfit, deep grey eyes and shyness just captured me. We spent three fantastic days together. I learned so much about this country, traditions and decided to learn Ukrainian. One thought was in my mind and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I felt something to this girl and she is the most charming person whom I met in my entire life.

So, after my return back home, we continued our communication with Marina. And I am planning one more flight to Ukraine with more serious intentions. I want to meet her parents and to start something meaningful with this person. I think you’ve understood, what I wanted to say.