I met my love on

  • I’ve read lots of love stories online about people who meet each other and now are happily married. But personally I reviewed all these stories, watched some videos, and it was such an unbelievable thing for me. I couldn’t even imagine that one day I would share my story with other users that are still hesitating. Before sharing all the little personal details, I just want to recommend everybody to be more active. Try to find your love online or offline, though don’t hesitate and be more sincere and friendly towards every new person in your life.
  • I got acquainted with Ira two years ago on find-bride-scam platform. All these constant messages, video chats, photos, romantic feelings – these have changed my life forever. At first I was suspicious towards every word which she said and written; but after several months I found myself checking this dating website several times during a day.

I think that this period of online romantic relations when you are afraid to spoil everything is just awesome. The tenderness of words and such unpredictability was charming.

  • Of course, relationship at a distance can provoke a huge list of problems. If you are thinking of them, you are totally right. Luckily, we haven’t experienced any serious problems. The only thing, which bothered me a lot, was lack of her attention. However, hope in the better future for both of us supported our relations.
  • We had three romantic dates and after them, we started to plan relations that are more serious. She didn’t want to leave here country, but with time Ira had changed her point of view and chose real family happiness instead of some perspective in her hometown.
  • She made the only right decision to leave her comfort zone and try something new and totally unpredictable. I am so grateful for this choice, and hope everything will be better and better.

So, we live together now and have lots of aims which unite us together. I had lots of fears that girl from Ukraine would have some adaptation troubles concerning the language, culture and tradition differences; but everything was smoothly and almost ideal. From the very beginning of her arrival, I tried to assist her in every little detail, but she stopped me and tried to do everything herself. Even with some language misunderstanding, she had found common ground with most of my relatives and friends.

Moreover, Ira will be the perfect wife. She cooks gorgeously, knows how to organize everything and is so attentive and sincere.

This is almost all I wanted to talk about in terms of my personal story of online acquaintance. If you still have some hesitations, just try to chat with all the pretty women who are in search of their love and long-term relations. Maybe, you will meet your future bride on find-bride-scam, or maybe not. But the experience which you will have will be unforgettable. I can assure you.

Unpredictable situations occur, and you may experience them as well. Just don’t hesitate and try something new in your life. In case online dating is not for you, you may choose an alternative.