My experience on find-bride-scam and unexpected meeting

To tell the truth, I had not used dating platform prior registration on Because of this, my major plan was to get some info on this topic and choose the best variant for my case. I reviewed some articles, comments and videos about lots of sites. My choice as you’ve already know was find-bride-scam, because I searched for long-term relations and except of this Slavic women were like beauty standards for me. I liked their national characteristics, judging by the information, which I received online.

  • So, I signed up. The whole process of searching for my beloved wasn’t such an easy thing as I previously read online. Some women didn’t answer, other were too active and lots of similar things. Nevertheless, I didn’t expect it to be an easy task; and because of this I continued my process of looking for my love.
  • After three months or even more, I found Nika. She was such a kind-hearted girl. Every message that I received was full of emotions, she expressed herself like I couldn’t at that time. This simple manner of writing about really difficult life situations and problems, only Nika could express herself in such a way. Her sense of humor also impressed me enormously. To be honest, I felt something for this curious girl without even seen her. I had never experienced such feeling to a person whom I didn’t see in reality. It started bothering me, because I didn’t want to be disappointed during our real date. Maybe she wasn’t such an ideal person as I drew in my imagination. Maybe it was I, who created this character. All these thoughts were almost unbearable, so I made up my mind to do this important step in my life and to ruin my illusions or build happy relations.
  • We agreed to meet in Odessa. When I flew to this country, I had lots of questions in my mind, I wanted to know more about Nika and her culture. Nevertheless, the moment I saw her changed everything. She was like a princess with deep blue eyes and elegant high-heeled shoes. We spent two days together and then I flew back.
  • While being at home, I recollected every small details of our meeting and wanted to be close with Nika. Of course, we continued our communication, but it was extremely hard to solve all the troubles connected with moving in together and live in one place. After a week of my arrival back home, I got jealous, I thought that Nika was chatting with other guys, had other dates and this feeling was killing me. Of course, she said that she was also waiting for our next meeting and she missed me; though I had other thoughts in my mind.

Everything turned out in such a way: I made a surprise and flew to Odessa to make a proposal and she agreed. So, now we are dealing with some problems connected to via applications and in a month’s period we will be together. After my proposal, I felt that we have real plans for future together and I calmed down a little bit.

To conclude, I have many plans with Nika and hope that everything will be, as I want.