Privacy policy

When a user enters a website, he/she is immediately sharing some sort of personal data with this resource. That’s why, it is better to be aware of all such things before the registration on any website. Here is findbride’s privacy policy, so attentively read all the below mentioned information.

All the collected data can be used only for the internal purposes and it is not shared anywhere else. For the major part, gathered data is taken for the general understanding of the clients’ base, their tracking and some important modification for their comfort.

You may ask: what information is usually collected?
When a person enters, he/she automatically shares the information about his/her ID number and location.
Other sort of data that is gathered only from the info, which is shared by a user. For instance, you leave your email, name, date of birth and address during the registration. Also, you may leave additional contact information, if you want. Don’t forget that your profile is visible to all the other site’s users. So, you are sharing this information with others as well.

How such data may be used by the administration of findbride?
It is better to mention that this info isn’t shared and may be used only for the internal needs on the website. You can be one hundred percent assured in the confidentiality of your personal information.
Contact information is used mainly for some sorts of notifications. Usually all kind of letters are sent on the mail, but in term of some emergent situations clients can be contacted via additional email address, phone number or any other kind of contact info may be used.
If you want to switch of the usual function of email notification, which is switched on automatically during the registration, you can easily do this by contacting support team.

What age restrictions are there on findbride?
Users who are younger than 18 years aren’t allowed to use this dating website.

Can a user change or remove anything?
Of course, it is not a problem. Any kind of changes are easily done in the user’s account. As for the delaying of the data, you should at first contact a support service and they will remove everything you need.

What payment processor is used on findbride?
The security on this dating website is guaranteed by a reliable platform that is called Multicards.

In case you have any other question, you can consult site’s support team and receive all the professional answers.