True love occurs when you desperately searching for it!

Nowadays online communication is something usual and standard. People rarely use smartphones for usual calls, mostly for online chatting. However, when the topic of online acquaintance appears in the mind, not everybody will choose this method. I was in the group of people who are against online meetings for rather decent time period. Mainly because, it frightened me a lot. Especially, if it relates to a communication with a girl from another country and totally different cultural background.

  • One moment has changed my attitude towards this situation. My friend sign up on and had several real dates with pretty girls. Everything was just perfect for him. At that time, I didn’t have any meaningful relations for rather long period so I decided to try such an option.
  • I registered my account and started searching for online relations at least. At the very beginning, I was extremely suspicious towards everything. I checked some photos, used social networking sites for the monitoring of the reality of the girls and did lots of more. Luckily, everything seemed okay and I stopped this useless process.
  • Month passed after month and I didn’t find that perfect candidate for me. I communicated with lots of beauties, but their character trades disappointed me. That’s why I decided to set some limits. If I didn’t find my love in a week I would delete my account. I think that such limits definitely helped me. I became really active and found several pretty girls.

So, I contacted a support service and planned dates with 4 of the beauties, despite the fact that I haven’t chatted with them much. I flew to Ukraine and had the first date immediately after landing. WOW... how I was wrong when though that Kate was not my type. She was just perfect. Online communication is nothing when comparing with real dates and emotions. The following meetings were also okay. Kate drew to attention and I didn’t even want to meet other ladies, but decided to do this. After such an emotional stay in Ukraine, I returned back home and started thinking about the next acts. I didn’t know what to do, because I fell in love. However, this girl was so far away and I should change this situation.

Kate felt the same; she was desperately in love with me. So, I made up my mind to propose her. She agreed… this was the best moment in my entire life. This beauty loves me and she wants to be my wife.

To cut a long story short, we are now at the stage of planning our wedding. Hope everything will be okay.

So, if you still have some bothering about online acquaintance, you should just try such website once and forget about your worries. If it worked for me, I think that everybody has got such a chance for happiness and marriage.